Publications and Presentations

  1. W. Hugh Chatfield has published and presented numerous articles and papers. Provided is a complete listing of all publications by CyberSpace Industries 2000 Inc. These includes both formal and informal publications.

Formal Papers

Conference Papers

  1. Is It Canada’s Turn to Implement an e-invoicing Infrastructure?” The case for Canada to get started on an e-invoicing strategy.  Seminar at PDW 2013 in Ottawa.

  1. Chatfield, W. Hugh; Understanding Instruction Books and Programs, Proceedings of 2006 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ICAI'06/ISBN #:1-932415-98-X/CSREA), Editor: Hamid R. Arabnia, pp.: 621-627, Las Vegas, USA, 2006.

  1. Extending Application Layer Standards - Moving Beyond Information Transport. Poster session at the Canadian Broadband Research Conference 98 in Ottawa, Ontario

  1. On the Importance of Content (or why IT needs to know about SGML/XML/HTML) - Published in CIPScene - Canadian Information Processing Society Newsletter, April 1998

  1. Producing Presentation-oriented Technical Manuals from Content-oriented Information Models - II Originally presented at SGML97, Washington D.C. - IETM/DoD Track

IBM developerWorks

  1. UBL and Disruptive Innovation

[Available in English, Portuguese and Spanish]

  1. Introduction to Code Lists in XML business documents
    Using the Universal Business Language as an example vocabulary

[Available in English, Korean and Portuguese]

  1. Issue 1 - Universal Business Language (UBL) Goes Global [Oct/Nov 2006]

  2. Issue 2 - IETM - Interactive Electronic Training Modules


  1. ITBusiness Blog Items

  2.   Robotics and AI predictions for 2014 - with David Dodds

You may find some of thee articles unavailable due to ITWorld Canada migrating to a new system, or the formats may be scrambled a little due to embedded xml tags - they should be available shortly (hopefully):

  1. New - Will the Paperless Office ever Arrive in Canada?

  1. Mar-Apr 2010 - “Blog Idol” submissions

  2. September 1999 -The beginnings of a new world

  3. May 2000 - Tag sets, DTDs and protocols

  4. July 2000 - A Trail is Worth a Thousand Thoughts

  5. August 2000 - XML provides scaffolding for linking document trails

  6. June 2008 - We Need to Make Computers Disappear

  7. April 2008 - Facebook Roundtable - Hot Developer Skill Sets

Informal Papers and Articles

Hugh’s World Blog

This blog contains entries dealing with everything from Physics to Music to things that tick me off.

Hugh’s World Tumblr Blog

Experimenting with this new blog facility allowing discussions around topics

Computer World Blog

For complete set of blog items, go to Computer World Blogosphere.

  1. Some Midnight Musings on Programming and Large numbers  May 13, 2011

The set of very large integer numbers contains all programs past, present and future.

  1. The Need for Disruptive Innovation (part 1)   APRIL 13, 2010

Canada is predicted by our leaders to have a potentially very bleak future. Does disruptive technology and innovation give us a way out?

  1. uCorder IRDC250   MARCH 28, 2010

A first look at the uCorder – a device to record your life?

  1. The Importance of Being “XML”   MARCH 28, 2010

Have you avoided XML because it is a new unproved technology? Have you avoided XML because there seems to be hundreds of variants making it to hard to understand? Are you still printing invoices? Maybe it is time to check out the Universal Business Language (UBL).

  1. I’ll be “being” you   MARCH 26, 2010

A note from the Singularity University crossed my screen, which led to write ups on uCorder – a kewl little device from a Toronto firm.  It is basically a camcorder, with enough memory space to record up to 7 continuous hours. It’s main feature is that is light, small, and designed to be worn.  You [...]

  1. Quantum Computers in Fiction and the Reality of the Quantum World   MARCH 19, 2010

Can a cat be alive and dead at the same time? Can a metal strip be oscillating and not oscillating at the same time? Can science fiction writers ever stay far enough ahead of real science?

  1. The (non)Importance of Invisibility  MARCH 19, 2010

Remaining invisible online defeats the capability of establishing connections – a critical component of the online world.

Articles on this Site

These were written during the early 90’s after my “downsizing” from Nortel and my re-thinking about what to do next.

  1. <MX />

  2. Connections and Named Trails

  3. The Disappearance of “The Job”

  4. What is CyberSpace?

  5. Groupware / CoTechnology - 1

  6. Groupware / CoTechnology - 2


As browser technology keeps changing the following PP presentations may or may not be fully functional.

  1. Understanding Instruction Books and Programs Worldcomp06 [ICAI'06] - Las Vegas (powerpoint slide presentation). Note: you will need to click on slides with animation to see the entire slide.

  2. XML eXtensible Markup Language - Presentation given at the PC User Group - Feb 28, 2002 - Ottawa,Ontario

  3. Quantum Infodynamics Presentation given at the XML Users' Group of Ottawa (XUGO) - May 8, 2002 - Ottawa,Ontario

Facebook Pages

I have created several Facebook groups:

  1. Future Tech - the most exciting things happening in technology today occur at the intersection of major disciplines.

  2. M/X - Vannevar Bush's Memex for the 21st century.

  3. Town of Perth, Ontario - an authentic lifestyle centre since 1816.

  4. Daniel Daverne - companion page to my documentary trilogy “Daniel’s Journal”       

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