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How does UBL relate to XML, ebXML, EDI, and xCBL? 
Check out the following OASIS article:
UBL: The Next Step for Global e-Commerce

I found the articles below to be useful:

Feb 2014
Tradeshift raises $75 million - expansion into Japan. 

Feb 2014
Index of my UBL articles in ITBusiness  - Go To Index...

Nov 2013
UBL - Implications/benefits for SMEs.

Nov 2013
Why the Canada-EU trade agreement means its time to implement e-invoicing

Nov 2013
UBL 2.1 becomes an OASIS standard.  Version 2.1 increases the number of document types supported to 65.

Oct 2013
Mr. Jon Bosak, co-chair of the OASIS UBL Technical Committee and the "Father of XML" provides an informative overview of  the last 12 years of UBL development. 

Oct 2013
Tradeshift announces Dynamic Discounting

Sept 2013
Poland announces PEPPOL as the pillar of their national e-invoicing strategy.  PEPPOL uses standard UBL.   Read more...

June 2013
“Is It Canada’s Turn to Implement an e-invoicing Infrastructure?” - This presentation has been presented to PDW 2013, and the Ottawa PC Users Group.  Now on Slideshare = and will be available shortly with voice.

June 2013
UBL seeks to avoid tower of Babel scenario for document exchange  - ITBusiness.ca

June 2013
Italy plans to make e-invoicing mandatory
March 2013
Taulia announces million dollar guarantee for new clients

2012 - FinovateEurope
Tradeshift Instant Payments / Dynamic Discounting presentation

Feb 2013
My ComputerWorld Blog - Will the Paperless Office Ever Arrive in Canada?

Jan 2013
Intuit/Tradeshift deal adds 5 million customers to the Tradeshift network
Intuit/Tradeshift Partnership

Jan 2013
How e-invoicing could revolutionize public sector procurement  - some views from the UK

NenHandel 1.0 this 2010 report details some metrics about the Danish experience since 2005

Dec 2012
Ozedi - is a central hub of EDI services which benefits the software industry by providing an ongoing, expanding source of revenue to the software providers whose clients use the hub,  chooses UBL - the internationally recognized Universal Business Language within the hub to provide a standard data set.

July 2012: 
Fast Track is a low-cost, low-risk bundled package designed to help any enterprise quickly and easily launch Tradeshift and onboard an unlimited number of suppliers.

May 2012: 
In for the Cloud - Serge Afanasyev in Russia discusses using the Tradeshift API

June 2006:
Interview with Ken Holman (Can) and Stephen Green (UK) - ebXML Interview Series
(mp3 - 51:17) Universal Business Language and Small Business Subset (UBL SBS) interview.  Discussions about UBL up to Version 2.0. , Small Business Subset, Code Lists,etc.

March 2012:
Cloudscan - new free facility from Tradeshift to scan paper invoices and send electronically using UBL.

February 2012:
UK e-invoicing Advocacy Group - set up in 2010 as a self-funded initiative of industry associations, public sector bodies and solution providers to promote e-Invoicing in the UK public and private sectors

September 2011:
The Standards Basis of Tradeshift - the importance of global standards. (Sept 9, 2011)

This Webinar from Tradeshift  deals with how to achieve 100% electronic invoicing and how the NHS organization ASP (National Health Services - UK) is rolling out e-invoicing to 6,000 of their suppliers. You can also hear from Nick Wood, Director of Shared Services on why he chose Tradeshift, the benefits they are enjoying including reducing the cost of processing the 425,000 invoices it deals with each year.
How to Achieve 100% e-invoicing (Sept 6, 2011)

August 2011:
This article by Pete Loughlin takes an interesting look at building an effective business case for e-invoicing.  It relates to my articles on Disruptive Innovation.
How do you go about building an effective business case for e-invoicing?

Universal Business Language - a lingua franca for electronic business.
UBL 2.1 Overview for Managers

July 2011:
US Treasury Mandates Electronic Invoicing to Cut Taxpayer Costs, Improve Efficiency

June 2011:
From CIO - Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) deploys electronic invoicing to speed payments.  No investment is needed by the supplier and it integrates with any finance systems that they currently use for invoice generation. Payments will also be quicker through the guarantee that invoices will be accepted or rejected within five working days, which is particularly important for small firms with tight cash-flows. (Also see the entry in September 2011)

e-invoicing - the European Saga  - Tim McGrath
“...the UBL Invoice is the only XML Invoice document standard that is sanctioned, stable, integrated within a suite of supply chain documents and is the nearest thing the world has to a purpose-built ebXML document format.” 

May 2011:
From ArticStartup - Tradeshift has just announced $7 million in funding from Notion Capital.  Tradeshift..now spans 180 countries and some 50 000 registered companies. The press release also stated that growth in 2011 is more than 60% per month.

Apr 2011:
Interesting older paper (2007) on Cisco’s take on the role of Social Networking in business process transformation.  Tradeshift is one company to watch in this arena. 

Feb 2011:
Tradeshift lights the touchpaper – integrates PayPal into its free invoicing platform
From Eu.techcrunch
Jan 2011: 
 Top 25 European Cloud Computing Rising Stars: Tradeshift  - From Cloud Tweaks

 Tradeshift:  Catching the Wave Just Right - From Purchasing Insight
Dec 2010: 
Introduction to Code Lists in XML Business Documents
Using the Universal Business Language as an example vocabulary
[Now available in Korean and Portuguese]

Nov 2010: 
UBL and Disruptive Innovation - out of the box business XML for multiple industries
[Now available in Portuguese and Spanish]

May 2010:
  Crane Softwrights Ltd. maintains a page for their free UBL based resources.
 Follow Tradeshift activity on  LinkedIn. Tradeshift has now launched in UK & Ireland and Germany

April 2010:
ComputerWorld blog entry on Need for Disruptive Innovation

August 2006: 
I wrote this introductory UBL article for the premiere issue of Training World.
Issue 1 - Universal Business Language (UBL) Goes Global [Oct/Nov 2006]

Nov 2010: the http://goUBL.com website is launched.

“This is a portal to information and expertise for the OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) Standard. This site was founded and is run by a commercial ecosystem of cooperating companies offering products, services, training and resources related to UBL. While our primary market is focused on North America, we can help you find someone or help you ourselves regardless of where in the world you need our assistance.”

Refer to the goUBL.com site for the latest in UBL information and resources.


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